Prennez ma roue....




If you fancy doing something a bit different for your holidays this summer and you're looking for adventure, fresh air, a bit of exercise and don't want to spend too much cash - you could do far worse than come and "prendre ma roue"  for as long or as short as you want.  I will happily draft you around the badlands of Central Asia, the fruit bowl of Georgia, the rugged coastline of the Crimea or anywhere else you fancy joining my (very exclusive) peloton


Anyone is very welcome.


There are only a couple of tiny provisos:


1) flexibility - although I have a plan for my route and timings, it is almost certain that I will not be able to stick to it precisely.  This means it is difficult to commit to meeting points on specific dates, but I can obviously give you better ETAs as I progress.

2) bring your own kit - which more or less means a bike and panniers.  I have good camping gear including a two-man tent (though you may not want to share it after a few months on the road) and all the necessary tools.  You just bring your ready wit and charm, and some good stories for the road.   

3) you use the opportunity to raise some money for a cause of your own choice - or failing any inspiration - for one or both of my causes, Wellspring International and HMCRT.

4) you make your own visa arrangements - I can provide you with advice and will point you in the direction of a helpful agent if I can.


A very rough estimate of my itinerary is as follows:


April 5th - leave Xi'an

April - end of May - travel through Gansu, Xinjiang provinces to Kashgar in western China

June 4 - enter Kyrkyzstan (visa required)

June 12 - enter Uzbekistan (visa required)

End of June - leave Uzbekistan via Turkmenistan into Iran (approx. 3 weeks) - Route 1; or leave Uzbekistan via western Kazakstan taking a boat across the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan - Route 2.  Selection of route depends on visa acquisition.

Early August - enter Azerbaijan (visa required)

c. August 10 - enter Georgia (no visa required)

c. August 20 - enter Russia (visa required) - this will require a ferry route around the Georgia/Russia border in Abkhazia

End of August - enter Ukraine (no visa required)

Mid/late September - enter Slovakia (EU)

Late September - Vienna/Austria (EU)

Early/mid October - Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland (EU)

Mid/late October - enter UK


....something approximating that.


You can also check out the maps of my route (as currently planned) here.


If you have a serious interest in joining me, please get in touch or leave a comment on this page.  


Thanks for your interest.  Hope to catch up with you down the road!




Sun climbing through the trees



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