"The Harry Mahon Cancer Research Trust was founded in 2001 to recognize world renowned rowing coach Harry Mahon's wishes to continue his fight against cancer, the disease that ultimately took his life. Harry wanted to raise money to finance purchase of state of the art machines for diagnosing cancer, and it is in Harry's name that the HMCRT undertakes its fundraising efforts."


Harry was one of my rowing coaches when I rowed for Cambridge University Boat Club from 1996 through to 2000.  He made an extremely deep impression on me, as he did on all those who came under his watchful eye - from Olympic Champions through to teenage novices.  For someone who didn't say a whole lot off the water, he inspired an incredible amount of loyalty and determination in his crews.  The fact that his career was crowned with an Olympic Gold medal, coaching the British men's eight to victory in Sydney 2000, would have been celebrated far and wide by all those who knew him and "sat at his feet" around the globe.


No doubt, Harry could impress upon me quite how wrong I am riding my bicycle, and how much more efficiently I could shift myself and all my kit across the wide open spaces of Central Asia if I'd only listen to what he was telling me. 


Nevertheless, by taking on such a physical endeavour, I hope he would appreciate my efforts, and I am pleased to do so in part in his memory, and to help raise money for a cause that was close to his heart. 


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